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1949 Mercury "Rebel Rouser"

The '49 Mercury is an all time American favorite, made popular by James Dean’s movie, “Rebel Without A Cause.” The ‘49 Mercury had been one of Ernie’s favorites as well. He loved the new full-bodied styles rolling out in ’49 and the early 50’s. Ernie admired the '49 Mercury for its eye catching front grill, three-piece rear window and beautiful dash that brought class to the car. He thought the ’49 Mercury was much more striking than the ’50 and ’51 models. Ernie began construction on the Mercury Dwarf in September 2004. This car challenged his fabricating skills more so than the ‘39 Chevy and ’42 Ford Dwarfs. Ernie learned more and more about shaping steel with each car he built. The car is all hand-crafted and is as solid as the real thing.

Just as the ’39 Chevy and ’42 Ford Dwarfs, the Mercury has many attractive features such as baby moon hubcaps with beauty rings, fender skirts, two spotlights, front disc brakes, roll up windows and a bench seat. This car is “Nose-and-Decked,” sporting a Fulton-style sun visor and Lakes pipes. Ernie used a 1290cc Toyota motor with a Toyota drive train.

This low riding ’49 Dwarf goes by the name “Rebel Rouser,” taken from Duane Eddie’s instrumental. Caribbean Turquoise is the color of choice.

Ernie is currently in construction on a 1934 Ford Dwarf 2-door sedan and plans to finish up by the summer of 2012. His fans are anxiously waiting for the debut of his next car. When asked, do you think your Mercury is the best car yet? Ernie smiled and said, “The best is yet to come.”

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