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1929 Ford "Hillbilly"

Grab your banjo and fishing pole, we’re going Hillbilly Style. You will need your camera when you see this 29 Ford Hillbilly Dwarf Car. There’s too much about this car to tell a friend without having a picture to go along with your story.

Ernie once met a man in Iowa that had a hillbilly car and he really thought that was something else. Later on in Casa Grande, Arizona, Ernie met a man named Zeek from Missouri. Zeek had two Hillbilly Model A cars. After talking with the Missouri man, Ernie told him he liked his cars but he likes small home made cars and would like to build a Hillbilly Dwarf Car.

Ernie had most of the materials needed on hand. He knew right away what he wanted and started right in. It took Ernie only three months to build this car and place a few antiques he had acquired on it. Instead of a paint job, he simply wheeled the car outside and put a water hose to the bare metal. One week later, the car was sporting a beautiful light rust color.

Ernie originally used a 2-cylinder Onan motor taken from a three-wheeled mail cart. A few years later he was able to get his hands on a 1932 American Austin motor, which looks a lot like the Model A motor. This motor is water-cooled, 4 cylinder and 13 HP. The cars top speed is 35 mph.

Ernie hand made a set of 12 inch spoke wheels for his car and added a vinyl top. He made the side windows operational with a roll out windshield. The dash is original looking and has burlap material for seat covering. The car has a suitcase trunk and three different sounding horns. Ernie added a real miniature pop belly heating stove in the back seat and an authentic moonshine still around back.

As word of Ernie's Hillbilly Dwarf Car got around, people began to donate miniature antques and unique items to go on the car. Ernie continues to add items as they come along. This Hillbilly Dwarf Car is a driving museum that you just have to see.

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