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A Dwarf Car is the end result of a dream Ernie Adams had. Ernie made his dream a reality by taking the design of early model cars and scaling them down to a smaller size.

The first Dwarf Car came to life in 1965 as a 28 Chevy two-door sedan. The name “Dwarf Car” did not come about until 1980 when Ernie Adams and Daren Schmaltz built the first two miniature race cars, calling them "DWARF CARS".

These Dwarf racers were smaller in scale and powered by motorcycle engines. The Dwarf racer had to be between a 1928 and 1948 model with all steel construction.

When Ernie decided to leave the manufacturing and racing of Dwarf Race Cars, he began construction on his second Dwarf Car Cruiser. Unlike the first Dwarf Cruiser, somewhat crude, Ernie set out to make a masterpiece 1939 Chevy two door sedan Dwarf.

After two and a half years in construction, Ernie’s 39 Chevy Dwarf was complete. With grand reviews for his handsome '39 Chevy, Ernie continued building his dream.

More and more people became enthusiastic about Ernie building another Dwarf Car Cruiser. He decided a 1942 Ford Convertible Dwarf would be his new work of art. The 46 inch high, Baby Blue gem was a hit!

Ernie used his incredible skill and imagination to go on building these fascinating small cars. After attending a car show in Casa Grande, Arizona, Ernie was inspired to build a 1929 Ford Hillbilly Dwarf Car. You would have to see this one to believe it. This transfixing Hillbilly Dwarf became a real crowd pleaser, leaving spectators with smiles on their faces.

At the insistence of excited fans, Ernie built a 1949 Mercury sedan Dwarf. This wide-bodied, low riding Mercury is fully decked out. With all its hand made chrome and amazing detail, people are awestruck at Ernie’s craftsmanship.

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