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Race Car History

The first two Dwarf Race Cars were built in Dec. 1979 and early 1980. The Dwarf Race Car idea came about after Ernie Adams and Daren Schmaltz had attended motorcycle side hack races in Phoenix, Arizona. During the drive home, Ernie expressed concern that three-wheeled racers were to slow in the corners. He said they could improve considerably by adding a fourth wheel to help thru the corners. Ernie suggested that adding a car body would also help spectator appeal.

Ernie and Daren discussed the fact that only small portions of the race could be observed at a time. They believed an oval track would allow the spectators to see the whole race rather than one section.

After talking awhile and brain storming ideas, Ernie and Daren decided on a plan for the race cars. Daren told Ernie, “If you build one, I’ll build one.” Minutes later, Ernie and Daren were pulling parts out from the backyard and the Dwarf Car phenomenon began.

Ernie decided the first car would be the ever popular '34 Ford coup body style. Daren decided he would build a '33 Dodge coupe body style. Both cars were built with a 73” wheelbase and 46” height. The little cars had all steel construction and were powered by motorcycle engines.

Ernie had a 350cc Honda engine in his backyard that he quickly put to use in his 1934 Ford Dwarf. Daren was able to find a Kawasaki 350cc 3 cylinder 2 stroke engine for his ’33 Dodge Dwarf. The ’34 Ford Dwarf Car was ready for a trial road test within a month. At this time, Daren’s ’33 Dodge Dwarf was halfway complete.

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