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1934 Ford Sedan

Bonnie is Ernie Adams version of a 1934 Ford 2 door sedan. Not named after the notorious Bonnie Parker but often associated with the 1930's outlaw couple, Bonnie & Clyde. "The Death Car" was a stolen 1934 Ford sedan, riddled with 130 rounds of bullet holes which took the lives of Bonnie & Clyde on May 21, 1934.


Without the bullet holes and the romantic history, Ernie's scaled Dwarf '34 Ford tells a story of it's own. The rustic look of the bare steel body coated with light rust gives the car a look as if it had been tucked away in a barn for the past 70 years. Although the body appears natural and rustic, the beautiful chrome shines out to highlight all the handsome features of the car.


Ernie tells the story of the reason he built the Dwarf 34 Ford. "I met a man in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Americruise car show. He had a '34 Ford 2 door sedan. It was total rust, nice motor, and it just looked good that way," said Ernie. He stopped the man and said to him, "I hope you don't finish this car." The man gave a smile and replied, " It is finished." Ernie added, "The car was beautiful that way."


Ernie has always been fond of the '34 Ford sedans. "I think the '34 has one of the most beautiful bodies of any car," he comments. Ernie likes the look of the suicide doors and the overall shape of the louvered pattern in the hood. One chrome horn rest upon each front fender like jewelry along the sides of the long slanted grill. The hood ornament is a 1935 Auburn flying lady. The rollout windshield allows for nice airflow threw the car. "The rusted spoke wheels match the overall looks of the body more than any fancy wheels would," said Ernie. The engine is a 4KE Toyota w/5 speed transmission. Like all of Ernie's Dwarf Cars this car is completely hand made of steel and is street legal.


This Dwarf Cruiser has features such as roll up windows, hand crank rollout windshield, a bench seat, a louvered fold up hood and hand made spoke wheels with the V8 hubcaps.


Like a pendulum swinging in perpetual motion, Ernie continues to move forward. Persistent at what he loves to do, Ernie is already planning his next Dwarf Cruiser.

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