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1940 Mercury Sedan

Chopped top and dropped 1940 Mercury 2 door sedan. “Hidden Valley Hillbilly" embossed on the tail dragging plate. Two tear drop headlights nest inside perfectly rounded fenders. A beautiful Candy Brandy Wine paint lies across the all steel body. Ernie’s done it again, a real crowd pleaser!


Ernie’s always loved the 40 Fords and the 40 Mercury’s. “I think their an ugly car until you chopped the top,” Ernie said. Ernie’s idea to build a Dwarf 1940 Mercury first came about when he seen a primer yellow 40 Mercury with the top chopped just right driving around Casa Grande, Arizona. “That’s gonna be my next car,” Ernie said to himself. It took Ernie three years to build this car. Like all Ernie’s Dwarf’s its completely hand crafted. It’s all steel and all real. Everything the real full sized car would have on it is on Ernie’s Dwarf and it’s all fully functional.


This little Mercury is the first to have AC and power rear windows. The power plant is a 4KC motor from a 1976 Toyota Corolla. It’ll cruise at highway speeds with ease and on up 100 mph.

Ernie’s revealed his next Dwarf Cruiser will be a 1932 Ford Coupe.

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