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1939 Chevy Sedan

After leaving the Dwarf Race Cars, Ernie had learned a lot about bending and shaping metal. He loved to see heads turn in admiration of the Dwarf Race Cars while being towed down the highway. Ernie knew it was time to change and put his metal shaping skills to the test. Now he wanted a fully dressed Dwarf Car with fenders, chrome, finished interior and most of all street legal.

Ernie remembered a '39 Chevy Saturday night cruiser in his hometown of Harvard, Nebraska. The car was dressed with moon hubcaps, fender skirts and venetian blinds in the rear window. He decided to build himself a Dwarf replica of this car.

Ernie’s only fabricating tools were a torch and a wire feed welder. He put together a few homemade benders along with a bead roller that he used for putting the print in the body.

Ernie started with photos taken from a full-sized '39 Chevy 2 door sedan. He took pictures of the front, rear, both sides and everything in between. All measurements needed were taken off these pictures.

Ernie looked for a donor car with 12-inch wheels. He found a '72 Toyota in an alleyway and was able to get it for free. By using the Toyotas complete drive train, all parts remained compatible.

Ernie began construction in 1990. He spent two and a half years from start to finish. This car is a solid 1770 lbs. and will cruise at highway speeds with ease. Ernie’s '39 Chevy Dwarf has been on the road for sixteen years and has 54,000 miles on it to date.

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