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1928 Grandpa Dwarf

This small car is a replica of a 1928 Chevy 2 door sedan. Ernie began gathering the materials for this little car in 1962. By 1965 he had enough materials and an 18 hp Wisconsin motor to begin construction. With a homemade hacksaw made from a chair frame, hammer and a chisel, Ernie began construction. He had no idea what this would be the beginning of.

Not having a torch to shape the steel with, Ernie learned to fold ¼ inch along the edges of all body panels and fuse it with an arc welder. He used the steel of nine refrigerators cut in pieces. At that time Ernie did not know how to form compound bends so he used all the natural bends of the early refrigerators.

Because this is the first Dwarf Car ever built, it is known as “GRANDPA DWARF.” Originally this car was designed as a Touring Car with solid rubber tires. In the later 70’s Ernie added a top, 12-inch pneumatic tires and a 2 cylinder 13 hp Onan motor. The car weighs around 900 lbs and has features such as bucket seats, cloth interior, operational windows and a vinyl top. The Grandpa Dwarf is 9ft long, 53 inches high and has a 73 inch wheelbase. This first Dwarf Car is kept in running order and is still driven today.

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